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Leicestershire Youth Council (CYCLe)

CYCLE – Leicestershire's Youth Voice Vehicle

Taking Your Voice There

CYCLe – What We Do and What We Stand For?

CYCLe is the County Youth Council for Leicestershire. This is the place where young people from lots of different forums come to discuss the issues that are important to them. Young people aged 11-19 represent other young people across the 7 Borough and Districts of the County by providing a route for them to have their say on issues that affect them. CYCLe aims to represent other targeted groups around Leicestershire. We are non-discriminatory, and any young people are welcome to attend and join in CYCLe meetings

What is UKYP?

UKYPis the United Kingdom Youth Parliament and Leicestershire has 7 elected representatives (4 members and 3 deputies) representing each of the 7 Districts and Boroughs of Leicestershire. These young people are supported by former members ofUKYPcalled Ambassadors. Elections happen every two years. Our currentUKYPreps were elected in May 2012 and the next elections will be February 2014.

How does it work?

UKYPand CYCLe come together regularly, supported by youth workers from the County Council. They are establishing links with lots of other young people's forums, and representatives of these are welcome to attend quarterly meetings.UKYPand CYCLe are acting as the youth voice "vehicle" for the County, linking with the other forums through a "wheel" structure.

What do they do?

Young people can be involved in financial decision making (awarding grants/funding etc), organising events like the Unheard Voices exhibition and consulting with organisations both within and outside of the County Council. They can also campaign on issues that are important to young people and work with youth service staff to try and make changes on a local, regional or national level.

CYCLe gets involved in diverse and creative projects including: Unheard Voices, Peer Research, Consultations, Debates, Campaigns, Senior Member Training etc.

Who can get invovled?

Any young person aged 11 - 19 can get involved in CYCLe, especially if they are passionate about getting the voice of young people in Leicestershire heard, or are particualrly interested in any of the groups we link with. Speak to your Youth Worker about getting invovled

For more information……

If you have an questions aboutUKYPor CYCLe, contact either:

Jane McCormickon jane.mccormick@leics.gov.uk, or

Nicola O'Neill on nicola.o'neill@leics.gov.uk