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The Pierces - Gig Review

Posted by Hunter on Sun, 19 Jun 2011.

The Pierces

Only recently have The Pierces been getting the airplay they rightfully deserve and it’s hard to believe that they nearly called it a day. Despite having quite a bit of success with “Secret” a while back, proper commercial success just seemed out of their grasp. Fortunately for us, Alabama sisters Alison and Catherine were “discovered by Guy Berryman, the bassist of Coldplay, and recently their track “Glorious” has been receiving a much greater amount of airplay then previous songs.

There’s a beautiful warm 60’s feel to their work, with recognisable elements of The Mamas & Papas / Stevie Nicks and some mellower moments that almost hit upon Karen Carpenter, and when The Pierces take to the stage in an impossibly filled to capacity Rescue Rooms, and for a moment I almost mistake Alison Pierce for Catherine Bach. When they were growing up they used to sing together constantly, and it shows, their harmonies are simply perfection, and such a welcome change from the current auto-tune trend.

The Pierces

The set list for the Rescue Rooms show came in a little under an hour, which fitted nicely after some excellent support slots from Delta Maid and Alice Gold. I had heard some critics previously saying that “The Pierces weren’t chatty” enough, which I always found odd because primarily I always went to gigs to hear the music, not a debate, but each to their own! At the Rescue Rooms they seemed as equally happy to talk with the audience as they were playing their songs, and there was a bit of light spirited “mickey taking” with Catherine as she said how great it as to be in “Nattinghem”, quickly rescued by Alison with a passable posh mockney accent.

Not surprisingly the set list centred on their new album, and included “You’ll Be Mine” (which they both explain as being requested as the 1-2-3 song on Radio 2), “Close my Eyes”, “Kissing You Goodbye”, “Sticks and Stones” and of course, “Glorious”, all of which kept the mixed audience of all ages more then happy. The performance was superb, and even the moment where the band opted to play a different song intro to the one Alison had prepared herself for, is quickly sorted out and done in good humour. All in all a fabulous show well worth seeing.

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