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Stream of Passion – The Flame Within

Posted by Pingk on Tue, 01 Jun 2010.

Stream Of Passion

Marcela Bovio - Lead Vocals; Violin
Eric Hazebroek - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Stephan Schultz - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Johan van Stratum - Bass Guitars
Jeffrey Revet - Keyboards; Piano
Martijn Peters - Drums

Stream of Passion’s “The Flame Within” is the second album by the symphonic, progressive, gothic metal sextet, released three years after their live album – “Live in the Real World”. The Flame Within features their single, "In the End", as the second track, in which Marcela’s powerful operatic voice shines brightest in the album.

The album starts off with a deep but quiet drum roll, which blossoms into a symphony of guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and chugging Evanescence-esque bass. Bovio’s vocals flow effortlessly, and let the listener feel the heat of the flame within.

"When You Hurt Me The Most" provides the first comparatively introspective song, but not without the lashings of a particularly suitable guitar bridge, backed by a hard hitting bass accompaniment. "Run Away" continues where the previous song left, becoming more contemplative and calm, almost ballad-esque with a quick flogging of bass guitars in the last minute or so.

"Games We Play", "My Leader "and, to a lesser extent, "Let Me In" go back to the lights of "In the End", with explosive beginnings, skilful synths and deep underlying guitars, and "Burn My Pain" and "Street Spirit" follow suit - but only after a quiet, delicate intro.

The album ends with "All I Know", which is most similar to "When You Hurt"... and "The Endless Night" in terms of the energy of the instruments and how the song progresses, and is a very fitting end to the album. It has all the elements of previous songs and encompasses the vigour of the album.

Every song in the album sounds different in its own respect, but the album in its entirety has the same stream of passion, which makes the band live up to its name.

Highly Recommended.