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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (12A)

Posted by Guest Writer on Fri, 08 Aug 2003.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport.

2003's summer blockbuster managed to achieve two things that no one thought possible; not only was it a pirate film but it also managed to gain a 12a rating, a feat that has never before happened to the 'family friendly' Disney. I mean, come on, pre-Pirates, who could imagine that a pirate film could get past all the 'yo ho ho' business and create an interesting film. Which is exactly what Disney have managed to do.

For the first week or so, all of the magic was purely down to the casting. Orlando Bloom, I'm convinced, was cast purely to draw people in?which, I have to say, was the sole reason I went to see the film for the first time. However, the pure show-stealer has got to be Johnny Depp, there's no other contender. Not afraid to send himself up by portraying his character as a constantly drunk and oh so slightly camp pirate, Depp's character warmed the hearts of those watching from the moment his character appeared on the screen in his sinking boat.

But perhaps I'd better summarise the plot. Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) is the infamous ex-captain of the legendary Black Pearl. After being captured by Commodore Norrington (Davenport) and his men in Port Royale, he is sprung from jail by Will Turner (Bloom) in order to rescue the governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann (Knightly), who has been kidnapped by evil Barbossa (Rush) and his band of miscreants.

By the way, did I mention these pirates were cursed? Must have slipped my mind. A curse placed upon the Aztec gold of Cortez causes immortality to those who seek to take more than one piece. And not the kind you'd like either!

On to the rescue. Cue plenty of jokes, one-liners and some (minor) innuendo (As if the hordes of drooling Johnny Depp fans at the back weren't enough!). We find out the true story about Jack Sparrow's exploits and watch as the Navy and the pirates aboard the Black Pearl, yep, not quite a legend try to blow each other to pieces. Which is made all the more entertaining by Sparrow punctuating the battle with such phrases as "stop blowing 'oles in my ship!" (One of my favourites).

I'm not going to give you the entire plot, although, God knows I could probably recite the whole script! Basically, the whole thing leads to a showdown in the Isle de Muerta between Jack and Barbossa. No prizes for guessing who wins.

And then we're back at Port Royale with Will and Elizabeth. Boy gets girl, to the chagrin of Orlando fans worldwide (and if the people you go with are anything like the people that I went with, they'll be sitting with you for the last five minutes hissing *&^%*£&£$%^$£&$£%%&£$^&" at the screen).

Like I say, one of the most successful pirate films I've ever seen. There were a few small slip-ups in it that I could see, but that didn't stop me from going to see the film at least five times. All I can say to Disney is "Where's the sequel?"