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Otomen review

Posted by animefan on Tue, 12 Oct 2010.

Otomen Cover

Ever since a young age, Asuka Masamune has been forbidden from his single mother to like anything that is unmanly, due to his father who claimed that “I have truly wanted to become a woman!” Asuka is now a very popular student at Ginyuri Academy; he’s tall, handsome and smart and is chairman of the kendo team with accomplished judo and karate skills. Who could ever possibly believe that Asuka isn’t manly?

However, under this image, Asuka adores all things girly: sewing, knitting, cooking and reading shojo comics. He hides his girly hobbies from everyone (especially his mother) where men are expected to be manly, until he meets Ryo Miyakozuka.

Ryo is a new transfer student who just happens to be the opposite of Asuka; she can’t sew, knit or cook to save her life. It is not long until Asuka realizes that he is falling for her but she only likes the manliest of men! Will Asuka ever show his true self to anyone, much less to the girl who he is falling in love with?

Written and drawn by Aya Kanno, Otomen is a romantic comedy shojo manga series which is currently being published in Shojo Beat Manga by Viz Media. The meaning Otomen is defined as “a young man who had talent for cooking, needlework and general housework” and “a manly young man with a girlish heart.” Otomen has been adapted into a live action drama series and has been translated into several languages.

I believe that Otomen is a heart warming manga series as it shows a different perspective on romantic relationships and that not all men have to be manly. I like the artwork by the manga artist, especially as it develops throughout the series and she uses more than one type of drawing style. Otomen is a great series with plenty of romantic moments, as well as comical.

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