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Mystery Jets Interview

Posted by xxrosannaxx on Sat, 22 Aug 2009.

Mystery Jets backstage

I chat to William Rees (guitar) and Kai Fish (bass) backstage at this year's Summer Sundae Weekender, about festivals, their future "mature" album, and why Laura Marling should be inviting THEM to duet with HER... 

Rosanna: Hey, so are you happy to finally be here at Summer Sundae after having to cancel last summer?

William: We were gonna play here next summer?

Rosanna: Yeah, and you cancelled last minute.

William: Well yeah, yeah, yeah we are happy.

Kai: [laughs] Very happy.

William: We had to cancel a load of dates because Blaine was ill, but I didn’t realise Summer Sundae was one of them.

Rosanna: And how are you finding it so far today?

William: Well, anywhere with free apples and tea [holds up apple core] is good.

Mystery Jets

Rosanna: So which has been your favourite festival to play so far?

Kai: Benicassim a couple of weeks ago, that was pretty spectacular. It was in a big car park, so not the most amazing setting, but the vibe was really amazing.

William: There was a big swimming pool backstage.

Rosanna: That’s pretty cool. So when you first formed, did you ever think that you’d be as popular as you are now?

Kai: We always dreamed. You always have that little dream in the back of your head. And each step along the way you get a little bit closer to that.

William: It’s just a journey really, it’s something we love to do, so we keep doing it and see where it leads.

Mystery Jets 2

Rosanna: And how are you planning to follow up on your most recent album – what’s next for the band?

William: We’ll follow it up with another album probably.

Rosanna: So is that in the pipeline, or are you just touring at the moment?

William: Well we’ve got a few festivals coming up... we’ve got V next weekend, and me and Kai, we’re in the process of becoming superstar DJs, and then yeah, we’re recording another album as well.

Rosanna: So are you sticking with your usual style or going in a different direction maybe?

Kai: It already feels different. It certainly SOUNDS different.

William: I think the writing is probably more “mature”. We’re doing the “mature” album.

Kai: Well you just get better at writing songs don’t you?

Rosanna: So where do you find the main inspiration for your song-writing and lyrics and everything?

Kai: Failed, miserable relationships [laughs].

William: I find that you always hear people say something that you like, and it kind of makes sense to you. So you just have what they say, from people’s conversations. But I think it’s always different... it depends what mood you’re in.

Rosanna: Obviously you really like playing live – what would you say is the best thing about it... the rush, the crowd reaction?

William: Well yeah, that’s amazing, but equal to that is that [points to Kai] we’re all great friends and I think we have a lot of fun together. We make it fun.

Kai: And it’s a big thing, we’ve been touring for years and you’ve got to make a big effort to keep it fresh – for you and for the audience. It doesn’t stay as exciting like that forever , unless you will it, or...

William: bleach your hair [laughs and points to Kai’s hair].

Kai: Yeah, bleach your hair and do silly things. But I think we’ve been really good at keeping it exciting for us.

Rosanna: Are you planning on dueting with Laura Marling again at any point?

Kai: We’d love to do just a duet album for the rest of our careers, [laughs] ideally, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

William: I think it could happen, if it’s appropriate. I think she needs to invite us onto one of hers! Come on Laura! That’d be great, we could be like a male choir. But yeah, she’s a great songwriter.

Rosanna: And is there anybody else that you’d be interested in collaborating with?

William: I wanna do a duet with you [smiles and points to Kai].

Kai: We’ll have our duet! Actually, we kind of had it with “Young Love”, until Laura came along.

Rosanna: Okay, well thanks very much for your time.

Thanks very much to Rob Sonic and the press office at DMH.


To view the full interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdN8FELvpOM&feature=channel_page

By Rosanna Pound-Woods