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Motorhead - Gig Review

Posted by Guest Writer on Mon, 29 Nov 2010.


If first impressions are everything, Michael Monroe certainly made a good one, with the stage exploding into life, music blaring from the very first second and refusing to loosen its grip for the entire set. Best known for his work with the legendary glam punk group Hanoi Rocks, Monroe is as exuberant as ever, bounding around the stage, swinging the mic stand and scaling the lighting rig at one point to talk to the crowd up above, taking everything in his stride. He made the spectators part of the spectacle, and made sure it’d be an act to remember.

The collection of underground stars (Ginger Wildheart, New York Dolls guitarist Steve Conte, legendary Dolls/Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa and LA drummer Karl Rockfist) forming the band meant you got an overdose of awesome rock and roll, with hit after hit making even the die hard motorhead fans start to move. And just when you think you know the routine, Conte raises the bar with a kick ass guitar solo or Micheal pulls off flawless sax routine, every band member had their time in the spotlight, keeping you on your toes wondering what would happen next. This is a guy who knows what he wants, what his music is and what his show will be, and as a result the audience got an hour of punk rock perfection.


Then came the main act, the legend himself Lemmy walks onto stage, the same Lemmy who, almost 4 decades ago, formed one of the worlds best rock n roll groups. Motorhead are now in command, and the audience knows exactly what they’re in for. The ground shakes as the bass vibrates the foundations of the building, guitar echoes in your ears and drums crack through the air, and that’s just the intro. You know what you want at a Motorhead gig, ear poppingly loud volume, an amazing track list, and awesome solos, and this is exactly what they delivered. Even after 35 years the band is as good as ever, knocking out classic after classic from their extensive catalogue, even interspersing some of their new tracks for the promising upcoming album “The World is Yours”. Though lemmy may be the focus of audience’s attention, both Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee had their time to blow everyone away, the first coming from Campbells amazing guitar solo, lit by a single spotlight amongst the smoky backdrop, it was a needed break from the bands manic pace that showed off the real skill that sometimes goes unnoticed in the bands music. My favourite solo however, was the one by Mickey Dee, 4 minutes of unbelievable skill, stamina and precision by one of the world’s best drummers had everyones jaw on the floor. Though the main man himself didn’t show off his musical prowess, he didn’t need to; each word he said had everyone’s attention as he talked with the crowd, at one point joking “Here’s a slightly more relaxed song, but don’t worry, it’s still f*****g loud”.

In what seemed like no time at all, the band was playing their last song, the ever popular rock classic, “Ace of Spades”, a song that transcends genres, ages and taste and had everyone in the building singing along. The encore kept up the pace, with great hits like Overkill and Bomber blowing people away before they thanked the audience, threw the iconic motorhead picks to the crowd, and finally walked offstage to the sound of masses of applauding fans.

By Joe Winn

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