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King Kong (PG)

Posted by Guest Writer on Tue, 22 Jul 2008.

King Kong

Starring: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot. 

Note: This is the 1933 version and not the Peter Jackson modern adaptation

The legend that is King Kong arrived onto the screens for the first time in 1933 and back then this something of a scary spectacle and was brilliant for that time but fast forward to 2008 and watching it hasn't aged well.

This film was given the title “The scariest film of the year” now it's known as to me “The most diabolical film of the year”, the movie itself is black and white and can really put you off the film and make it hard to find out or see what is happening because the film tends to be shot in dark locations / scenes. As for special effects and etc, all that has gone out the window with the technology that's available these days.

Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) decides to go to an Island called “Skull Island” to finish filming his new movie, because he knows that there is a creature/monster living on that island, but no one knows about the monster and then when they find out the truth they try and turn back but its too late. Their ship sails into the fog and then they crash into the rocks. Understandably the crew are trying to escape, but Carl takes his cameras and actors onto the island and then there they come across the monster known as Kong, but it all back fires as Anne Darrow (Fay Wray) is kidnapped by the monster.

The crew try and rescue Anne, and one man tries harder then the rest as he is in love with Anne, Jack Driscall, and he does finally rescue her. Kong is a little put out about this, goes mad and chases after them to try and get her back but as he is about to they come up with an idea to put down the Monster. The cunning plan is to throw gas bombs at him, to make him weak, and it works when Carl throws one right in Kong’s face, however in a true *facepalm* moment, Carl declares that they will take Kong back to NYC and onto Broadway, If you think it will work then you will be surprised. Maybe he thought Kong would do a splendid duet with a leading lady, or maybe he thought he'd look good dressed up as a Valkyrie, what is clear is that Carl seems to have lost his grip on reality.

The actors in this film were very poor, the film was badly directed and the actors performed badly through out the entire film and the effects of the film were very bad and no where near perfection. Fay Wray who played Anne Darrow showed just how women actors should never act. In this film she was so annoying she literally gave you the biggest headache you’ve ever had in your life, the way that she portrayed Anne Darrow was a women that had just broke her nail! Really thought nothing was good about her and her role in this film, there was no emotion and nothing of good acting in there.

Robert Armstrong was nothing more then a pile of rubbish, there also was nothing good about him in his role of Carl Denham, the way that he portrayed Carl Denham was so awful how people found him good or entertaining I will never know, Robert Armstrong has the ability to give us a great character and performance but for this film he did no such thing. Poor performance that partially let down the film.

The directors of the film both Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Shoedisak direction of the film was again very poor the effects of the film were poor there was very little stand out scenes in this film (no wait, I’m lying there was a good stand out scene which was at the end when it came across the scene saying “The End”).

King Kong in 1933 may be a fantastic entertaining film but why put yourself through this much torture just to see a "bunch a people" running around like a bunch of headless chickens. King Kong is one of those films that people will tell you that you must see, that it's a classic, an inspiring piece of work in it's time, but now the book should be closed on this film forever.

By Bigjay