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Iron Maiden

Posted by diego on Mon, 14 Jul 2008.

Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time

On Saturday the 5th July 2008 the legendary BRITISH metal band, Iron Maiden, played their UK tour date for the “Somewhere Back in Time” tour at Twickenham stadium in London. It was the only date in the UK and will be the only one for at least two years.

The band members are as follows:
Vocals: Bruce Dickinson
Drums: Nicko McBrain
Guitars: Dave Murray/ Janick Gers/ Adrian Smith
Bass: Steve Harris

Here’s a little reminder of how Iron Maiden got together. It was during the dark times of the late 1970’s and there were two teenagers named Steve Harris and Dave Murray. These two were good friends from their childhood, they both taught themselves how to play their chosen instrument, Steve on bass and Dave on guitar, and after many years of practise and hard work, they got together and decided to form a band. Calling themselves Iron Maiden, little did they know that they would still be as big as they are today. The bands name was taken from the well known medieval torture device employed by especially vindictive feudal rulers etc.

The stands were packed, and nearly every seat was taken up, and most of the pitch was covered in thousands of rockers from all over Britain, there were even many people who were not British in and around the crowds. In every direction all you could see was people of all ages, men and women, rocking out to Maiden, and the distinctive orange jackets of security wondering around the place.

Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation and Lauren Harris (Steve Harris daughter) supported Iron Maiden. I unfortunately missed all of the support bands playing, but managed to see the whole of Iron Maiden playing, right in front of my very eyes. I just could not believe that I saw the Irons for real.

Bruce Dickinson was simply magnificent, and every couple of songs he kept shouting into the microphone “Scream for Me London” that caused uproar through out the crowd, and thunderous noise as everyone shouted and screamed. Bruce was just so energetic, he ran onto the stage at the beginning, and was running and dancing through out the gig. Even at the end Bruce skipped off stage in a boyish sort of way.

After about an hour of playing, a load of people of all ages swarmed onto the stage, I never did understand why they all came on, there must have been about 30 people all running on stage at once, but then they all went after about 5 minutes, leaving the band members to regain possession of the stage. I think it must have been some sort of competition that everyone won, as the band members didn’t really seem bothered about it … well apart from Bruce who was pulling faces and climbing the speakers to have a look at him self on the big screen.

Approximately half way through Maiden playing and rocking, the famous Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie, appeared on stage, causing everyone to shout and scream with joy. Eddie must have been 15 feet tall, with a gun which could easily have been 2 feet long. Steve Harris was doing his usual stuff, trying to attack Eddie, while Nicko McBrain was bashing the drums so hard that you could feel every single beat pound through your heart, no matter where you were in the stadium. Even outside the stadium if you went out for a couple of minutes, you could still hear the guitars, bass, drums and singing word for word.

Maiden started off when the sky was light, and lasted for approximately 3 hours, with only a small break in the middle. After the break, it seemed that the skies suddenly went dark, and the stage was lit up with every beautiful light around the edges of the stage, blinding the first couple of rows.
This was my first ever gig that I went to, and it was brilliant. No it wasn’t, it was better than brilliant, no words could have described everything, and to be fair, I very nearly did end up speechless. Bruce Dickenson announced that it was the best gig he has ever played, so I guess that made it even more special for me to hear that.

Setlist (in order)

Intro - Churchill's Speech,
Aces High,
2 Minutes to Midnight,
The Trooper,
Wasted Years,
The Number of the Beast,
Rime of the Ancient Mariner,
Heaven Can Wait,
Can I Play With Madness,
Run to the Hills,
Fear of the Dark,
Iron Maiden,
The Clairvoyant,
Hallowed Be Thy Name.
(note: all of these songs are from 1980-1989 with the exception of fear of the dark, which was released in 1996.)