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Immobilise Property Registration

Posted by Guest Writer on Mon, 11 May 2009.

Leicestershire Constabulary are actively encouraging young people to become more aware of the dangers involved when carrying and using valuable property such as mobile phones and music players in a public place.

Recently published Home Office research (study 235) shows that young people of school age are at least 5 times more likely to become victims of mobile phone theft, including Robbery, than adults. Mobile phones are now involved in more than a quarter of all robberies. Key findings from the report:

  • In 23 per cent of incidents victims were using their mobile phone or had it on display when it was targeted
  • Victims of mobile phone robbery tend to be younger than victims of other types of robbery - 48% of victims are under 18 
  • Mobile phone robbery is in the main a male on male activity - 90 per cent of offenders are male; and 80 per cent of victims are male
  • Two thirds of robberies are committed by offenders working in groups
  • The peak age for offenders is 16. One third of all offenders were aged 15 or 16
  • Mobile phone robbery is more prevalent in city centres
  • One third of all robberies involve a mobile phone only
  • Victims under 18 were mainly targeted between 2pm and 10pm, while those aged 18 and over were targeted between 10pm and 6am (more phone robberies than other robberies occurred during the early hours of the morning)

You can now protect your property and reduce your chances of
becoming a victim by simply registering your property on a National
Property Register know as the 'IMMOBILISE PROPERTY REGISTER'.

Immobilise has over 13.8 million account holders. Accounts are FREE and you can register as many items as you wish on one account.

The information you record can help you after loss, theft and fire to complete insurance claims and report lost or stolen property to the police.

It only takes a few minutes to register - follow this link: WWW.IMMOBILISE.COM

People without internet access can register by texting 'mend', followed by their first name, surname, postcode, landline phone number and house number to 87222. Calls cost 25p.