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Ethan Ash - Single Review, "All I Need"

Posted by Guest Writer on Thu, 20 Oct 2011.

Ethan Ash

Unlike the overpowering and worrying majority of females under 25, when I read the words, 'supported Ed Sheeran', I wasn't filled with confidence. Then I saw that Ethan Ash's recent single was titled 'All I Need', and started to prepare myself for the inevitable nausea provoked by another acoustic guitar-wielding berk trying desperately to appeal to the masses.

The track begins with a characteristic acoustic guitar riff and the familiar husky vocals that always get a standing ovation on Britain's got talent. But as the song continues, it's not as sickening as first thought. Although the pre-chorus line, 'baby you're all I need', is somewhat predictable and unoriginal, Ethan comes across as genuine and sincere, and not just another dolt singing about a girl.

Of course Ethan is singing about a girl, 'whether it be day or whether it be night she said call me any time', but I don't take an instant dislike to whoever he's singing about, whereas it became near impossible not to abhor Sheeran's 'A-Team' muse.

Accompanying the single, the video for 'All I Need' is another sign of Ash's sincerity. The video features wedding footage of a couple who are apparently close friends of Ethan's, with the footage being of their actual wedding. Poignant, as all wedding footage should be, it's a glimpse of human nature at it's most touching, and the cutesy, sickly-sweet 'All I Need' seems to fit it just right.

'All I Need' isn't dissimilar enough from Jack Johnson/James Morrison etc. to really stand out from the crowd, but then it's not edged with the Sheeran-esque arrogance and immaturity that causes instant hatred. It's a nice track.

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