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Amy Dumas - Interview

Posted by Guest Writer on Thu, 27 Jun 2013.

Amy Lita

It was later in the afternoon we got the chance to speak to wrestling legend, and lead singer of The Luchagors, Amy Christine Dumas, aka "Lita". Amy has not had an easy road to success, including the scary fact that she apparently walked around for 17 days before finding out that her neck was broken. Although she's "retired" now, I wonder if she should perhaps continue her training in Judo and try for the Olympic or something because she still looks very capable.

Amy was kind enough to take a few minutes out to speak with us at this years Collectormania event in Milton Keynes.

So what was it like for you doing Raw 1000?

Doing Raw 1000 was fun because I really enjoy my normal life now, not the crazy celebrity type world, but to step into the spotlight for a little short time at a special event like Raw 1000, it was really fun to see that the fans still remember me. You know, my normal life I'm just Amy, I just hang out, I wait in queues just like everyone else, and do stuff that isn't fun. So yeah it was fun to jump back in, and also to see if I could still do the things I used to back when I was wrestling, and that the fans still remember me. That was really fun. But it was also fun to get back on the plane and go home the next day, just hang out with my dog and my mom

How has wrestling changed for women since you were last on the scene?

I think right now there's kind of a big drop off. Wrestling took a big hit when Trish and I left right around the same time, within a very short time span. And then we entered the PG era, I feel as though the fans lost the connection that they had with the women, and maybe didn't have you know, if you have the emotion behind it then it means a lot more. And some of the girls are a bit less experienced, they get a bit less TV time, and it's been a bit of a downwards spiral from there. It's nice to see that now they have maybe an opportunity to start over and get some renewed interest.

What do you think is the most important thing for a woman to make it in wrestling?

As a woman or a man, the most important thing is to just have confidence in yourself because ten different people are going to tell you possibly ten different ways to do something right, and you have to be able to take it in, digest it for advice, but to trust yourself. And go for it the way you want to go about it, and how you believe something should be done.

What's been the best memory of your career?

Aw man, so hard to say! Hmm, best memory. I think I'd say, Trish and I had a match on RAW, and it was the main event and I won the title, and they don't usually put two women in the main event, and to come back through the curtain and to have everyone in the locker room waiting for us, you know normally they'd be waiting for "The Rock", or "Stone Cold" to say thank you and good job on closing the show. They were there for me and Trish. I just felt really proud to have been able to carry that main event bout even if it was just for that one night.

Which do you enjoy more, music or wrestling?

They're so different! It would be like picking my children. Ok it wouldn't be like that because I don't have children, but you know, it would just be like picking between things that are very close to my heart, but completely different. So I can't say.

If you're wondering what the Luchagors are like:

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Interview by Sulaimaan